Telescopic Tops

Different models of telescopic heads have been developed to answer to all fishing conditions encountered. These ATROTUBE Tops are available individually and are all delivered with an anchor part.

Fluorescent orange telescopic top of 1m80 (déployed)

Fluorescent orange telescopic short top of 1m20 (déployed)

Fluorescent yellow telescopic top of 1m80 (déployed)

Fluorescent yellow telescopic short top of 1m20 (déployed)

Transparent telescopic top of 1m80 (deployed)


This “furtiv” transparent top section is designed to the users who need absolute discretion for their fishing spot or when they bait. Indeed the transparent insert is  almost invisible on water (for example during long-term baiting sessions).

This furtiv head can also be used surmounted by a driftwood that protrudes above the surface of the water in order to conceal it. The transparent adapter supplied with can be used to fix the driftwood.