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Tested for the first time at Lake St-Cassien in October 1998, the Atrospot marker float was a patented electronic marker made of plastic injected with the distinctive feature of emitting a powerful horizontal illumination visible up to several hundred meters.

It was used by the most demanding carp anglers all around Europe and has given to our brand its notoriety. The Atrospot is no longer produced.




20 years after, with this succes and experience we have been proud to offer two brand new luminous markers called Spot-Tube et Spot-Fen-X.

These two markers are made of polycarbonate and black anodized aluminium and can be directly fitted onto our Atrotube V2 or usable as floating markers with the special kit sold separately “Kit-Spot 2019“.

The Spot-Tube version uses the proven functioning of our famous Atrospot. It’s a marker which automatically lights and cuts-off according to ambient brightness. It operates up to 550h of night depending of the colour of the LED. It’s powered by only one alkaline or rechargeable battery (LR03).

The Spot-Fen-X version is the one whose the lighting and cut-off of the LED at night are remotely manageable thanks to the use of a purple Laser pointer. This patented high-tec luminous marker offers a “three in one” mode of function thanks to an embedded software.

The Spot-Fen-X is only available with a red LED.

The Spot-Tube are available with red – yellow – orange – blue and green LEDs allowing this way to mark distinctly several fishing spots.

Several accessories are available such as : Protection housings, fluo or phosphorescent spare rings, Laser pointers, foam rings, etc..



Welcome to the new “Atrospot mk3” !





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