After-Sales & Maintenance


Except from time to time, some Vaseline grease or silicone oil on the O-rings of Atrospot markers, the devices we market require very little or no maintenance.

Remember to regularly clean the lens of the Spy II with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water or alcohol at 90 ° to remove impurities that prevent water from slipping during rainy episodes.

Regularly clean the gold-plated probes of your Nemo water level sensors with a soft cloth slightly moistened with water or alcohol at 90 °

At the end of your sessions, remember to dry your electronic devices in order not to store them with any moisture or condensation. Especially if you have fished in the rain, think of opening them and removing the batteries. The latter do not like moisture especially when they are unloaded.

When you stay long enough without using your eletronics devices, it’s better to remove the batteries.

Never use solvents to clean the plastic enclosures, but rather, a soft, slightly damp cloth.



If you wish to request a special manufacturing or modification of an existing product, please contact us by the form or by mail.

Replacing the plugs on the Enduro II transmitters or Emags Mk1

Manufacture of cables lengths made on measure for Enduro II tramsmitter

Custom lenghts for Atrotube marker

Color of special LEDs on Atrospot markers

Replacing antennas on old receivers and Spy II

And others….

We remind you that any modification or repair by you of the products under guarantee without our written agreement lead to the nullity of that guarantee – charter quality and guarantees.



Atropa Technologie is committed to providing rapid after-sales service on all the devices in its range and provides its customers with telephone assistance (non-surcharged number) or by e-mail.

Contact us each time before returning a product. Indeed, you may assume incorrectly that your device is down. If we receive a returned product without our written agreement and this product has no malfunction, Atropa reserves the right to charge a return shipping fee even if the device is under warranty.

1 – Go first Frequently Asked Question to find out if the problem you have encountered has not already been adressed.  You xill find 95% of the answers of technical questions you may have.

2 – If you cannot find the solution to your problem in the FAQ, contact us by the form.

3 – If we confirm a failure you will have to return to our company at your expenses the failed product in question to the following address :


265 Zone Artisanale les Vallons
83630 Bauduen
Phone (office) +33 (0) 494 855 026



The failure diagnosis on the devices in our range is free, under or out of warranty.

Out of warranty, a quote of repair is proposed to you by e-mail or mail.

Under warranty, your device is repaired or exchanged for a brand new device if repair is not possible.

The appliance is re-sent as soon as it is refurbished within 48 hours (excluding annual vacations period / exhibitions).

After receipt of your payment if the repair costs are at your charge, the repaired product is re-sent within 48 hours (excluding annual vacation / exhibitions or weekends).

For the products we distribute and do not manufacture, the delay of replacement / repair of the material depends on that one of our suppliers.