Atrospot mk3

The Atrospot mk 3 is a brand new miniature luminous marker that uses the operation of the famous Atrospot marker marketed from 2002 to 2017.

The lines have been refined, the dimensions and weight reduced since this miniature marker measures only 105mm in length and weighs only 42g.

The optimized electronics are identical to that on board the Spot-Tube marker marketed from 2018. The atrospot mk3 has a very good autonomy being powered only either by an LR03 alkaline battery, or by a rechargeable battery of the same type.

The light point is bright and not diffused. It is available in 5 led colors and can either be fit on the telescopic head of the Atrotube V2 or on the Kit-Mousse 2019 to transform it into a marker float.

A deluxe case is available to store up to 3 Atrospot mk3


Technical Spécifications

➣ 360° horizontal illumination

➣ Progressive lighting and cut-off according to ambient brightness controlled by photocell

➣ Visible on water up to 250m in darkness

➣ Over 280h of night autonomy (blue and green LED versions)

➣ Powered by one LR03 alkaline or rechargeable battery

➣ Fully waterproof with o’ring and screw mechanism

➣ Weight with the battery = 41g

➣ Dimensions 105mm x 25mm,

➣ Operating températures -10°C/+60°C,

➣ 3 years guarantee for normal operating conditions